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Welcome to Dudes and Dolls Beauty Salon


Remember the days when a salon was a place you’d go to fulfil a simple purpose?  A wax before your annual holiday, perhaps, or a massage to relieve those aching shoulders?  Life today is different, with the opportunities for travel and demands of work having evolved to allow us to live our best, busy lives every day…and we need to be prepared!

At Dudes n’ Dolls, we are here to keep you ready for whatever excitement comes your way.  Our fully air conditioned salon is a refuge of luxury in the heart of Keynsham, where you can be pampered as you enjoy our highly trained specialists taking care of all your beauty demands.  And – as you’d expect from a business that is built for the modern world – we’ve not neglected your social media needs with our Instagrammable flower wall.  Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

We are passionate about what we do.  We love offering the latest and highest quality services, with just the right amount of respect for traditional decadence and service.  After all, class and style and timeless.